New Metals, Inc.
is one of the largest producers of expanded metals in North America.
Founded in 1954, the company produces a complete line of quality expanded metals, perforated metals, expanded metal grating, expanded metal refuse baskets and architectural metal fabrications.

Shipments of most products are made from factory inventory and stocks maintained by Steel Service Centers located throughout the United States, Mexico and Latin America. New Metals, Inc. stocks a large range of expanded metal and expanded metal grating standard sheet sizes, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and hot-dipped galvanized products.

The company also manufactures a wide variety of special products and provides many services, such as shearing, expanding to size, finishing , welding and parts fabrication. In addition, New Metals, Inc. also offers turnkey architectural metal fabrications.

Please feel free to inquire regarding having your products’ subcomponents fabricated with New Metals, Inc.

New Metals, Inc. is an active member of the following trade organizations:

Expanded Metal Manufacturers Association (EMMA)
Industrial Perforators Association (IPA)

Raw materials


    • Carbon steel
    • Aluminum
    • Galvanized


    • Stainless steel
    • Copper



    On April 12, 1996, New Metals, Inc. was awarded international recognition in the form of ISO-9002 Certification, making the first expanded metal producer in North America to obtain ISO certification.

    The objective of an ISO-9000 Quality Assurance System is to provide products and services that continually meet customer requirements. For New Metals, Inc., this means maintaining and building our customer base while helping to focus efforts on improving efficiency and reducing costs to the company, and consequently to the customer.

    Upon direct evaluation of our customer needs through the use of tools such as Customer Surveys and Group Sessions, we confirmed that our customers have three principle concerns for their purchases–Price, Service, and Quality. To better serve our Customers’ needs, we at New Metals, Inc. decided it necessary to implement ISO-9000 in order to establish the framework to control cost and efficiency, which directly affect Price, Service, and Quality. This framework is designed to help increase sales and to increase Customer Satisfaction.

    The ISO-9000 Quality Assurance System makes New Metals, Inc. more sensitive to the needs of each customer, while at the same time gives rise to continual Internal Improvement. Through the application of the ISO-9000 system, costs are reduced, productivity is increased, the production of Quality Products is assured, and our customers’ satisfaction is increased. For these reasons, every single member of the New Metals, Inc. organization is directly involved with some area of the ISO-9000 Quality Assurance System.

    On June 27, 2003, New Metals, Inc. was approved for ISO-9001:2000 Certification, per the newly revised version of the quality system.


    New Metals is a world class company, as it is a regional leader in expanded metal & perforated metal fabrication.

    Through continuous improvement in service, product quality, top-notch technology and highly qualified personnel, our Mission is:

      • Satisfy commercial and industrial customer needs & specifications

      • Grow steadily in domestic & international markets

    • Maximize company profitability, as well as personnel well being.


    A highly committed, well-trained team in which each member guarantees the quality of their work thereby maintaining our status as a highly competitive and profitable world-class company.

    New Metals, Inc. is a world class leader in expanded metal & perforated metal manufacturing and fabrication.